Over the last 30 years Lincoln Lumber has perfected the process of producing Industrial Grade Dimension Lumber. Many processes and manufacturing applications do not require a member associated grade stamp, so if your needs fit into this category look no further than the cost effective, quality offering of Lincoln’s Industrial Grade lumber products.

Produced in dimensions from 1×4 to 1×8, 2×4 and 2×6, and in lengths ranging from 8’ to 20’, Industrial Grade material is the lumber of choice for many packaging and crating companies, pallet manufacturing companies, and non-residential construction applications.

Lincoln can also cut our bundles to length if your needs require a shorter length than 8’.

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  • 1x4 16ft I Grade SYP
  • 2x4 16ft I Grade SYP
  • 1x6 40in I Grade SYP

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