Lincoln Logistics

Formerly known as Lincoln Lumber Logistics, the company found its footing as an internal carrier for Lincoln Lumber and its affiliates transporting manufactured lumber products across the southern United States. With Lincoln Lumber’s large operations in both Texas and Georgia, the fleet grew to meet the demands of the parent company over several decades, racking up several million safe miles per year delivering exclusively to Lincoln Lumber’s customers.

However, throughout the years customers continued to inquire about the availability of the fleet to deliver their goods after receiving a load from Lincoln Lumber, and a decision was made to stand-up a separate transportation company and manage the enterprise on its own merits. Spun off from Lincoln Lumber in 2013, Lincoln Logistics is now a quality independent provider of transportation services across the lower 48 United States. Lincoln Logistics has also continued to invest in state of the art maintenance capabilities to maintain the fleet to the highest standards of safety, and only contracts with the most reputable service providers to ensure not only the safety of our drivers, but of those with whom we share the road.

Over just the last several years the fleet has more than doubled in size, and continues to provide the service and safety that the Lincoln Companies have been known for since 1975. Given the demand for our services, we fully intend to continue investing capital into the fleet, our drivers, and our maintenance capabilities to enable us to double the fleet again within the next few years.

With our GPS enabled fleet of over 20 trucks Lincoln Logistics has become the carrier of choice for many customers across the US, and we would appreciate the opportunity to become your carrier of choice as well.

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