Lincoln’s success is driven by our incredible employees and the culture that has been created around them. We believe we have the best team in the industry, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Our Operations Team

Gary Keeling
Gary KeelingUS Operations Manager
Raulie Bleech
Raulie BleechPlant Manager - Union Point, Georgia Plant
Blake Barrington
Blake BarringtonPlant Manager - Jasper, Texas Plant
Scott Linville
Scott LinvillePlant Manager - Conroe, Texas Plant
Billy Kirkland
Billy KirklandPlant Manager - Corrigan, Texas Plant

West-Side / Central Sales Team

David Alvis
David AlvisSales - Jasper, Texas
Jerry Combs
Jerry CombsSales – Conroe, Texas
Scott Ramey
Scott RameySales - Conroe, Texas
Derald Rogers
Derald RogersSales - Conroe, Texas
Mark Tesch
Mark TeschSales - Conroe, Texas
Jim Tuberville
Jim TubervilleSales - Conroe, Texas
Sean Wilson
Sean WilsonSales - Corrigan, Texas

East-Side / Central Sales Team

Lee McGarity
Lee McGaritySales Manager - East - Royston, GA
Phil Duncan
Phil DuncanSales & Logistics - Royston, GA
Kelly Rapert
Kelly RapertOutside Sales - Royston, GA/Northeast US