Whether your processes require hardwood or pine, Lincoln’s premium manufactured battens can be custom produced to your specifications at our plants in Texas and Georgia. Cut from quality raw material, using refined and exacting processes, Lincoln is able to produce some of the finest battens on the market.

We take pride knowing that our products will reduce your overall cost with virtually no unusable material being delivered to your facility. With top-notch service and quality products, give Lincoln the opportunity to prove to you why partnering with us is a smart business decision.

Contact one of our experienced salesmen here to inquire about how Lincoln’s premium battens can help your business thrive.

  • 4x4 46in Pine Battens
  • 3x4 38in Hardwood Battens
  • 3x4 30in Hardwood Battens
  • 2x3 23in Pine Battens
  • 2x3 8ft Pine Battens

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